Stephen Amell Videos

I had fun making this video at the request of Stephen Amell. Had to add in the new “Lightsaber Arrow” for good measure.


Another video I made for Stephen’s campaign for Josh Donaldson.


My ‪#‎AmellGetsRaw‬ video for Stephen. Created in After Effects with the Element 3D plug-in by Video Copilot.

Arrow Jedi: Episode CCCIX

This is the final installment of my Arrow Jedi trilogy (here’s the first and the second). For this one, I added lightsabers to two battle sequences from the Arrow Season 3 mid-season finale. The first features Ra’s al Ghul against eight lightsaber-wielding members of the League of Assassins. The second is the epic battle between Oliver Queen and Ra’s al Ghul on the mountaintop. As always, there are plenty of Star Wars easter eggs.

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F&CK Cancer Video Montage

This video montage includes 3,975 photos of people (and a few pets) wearing their F&CK Cancer shirts or hoodies in support of Stephen Amell’s F&CK Cancer campaign.

The montage includes 100 photo groups (25 5×5 sets, 25 6×6 sets, and 50 7×7 sets) for a total of 3,975 photos. The video goes by pretty fast, so if you want to find your photo, you can browse through the F&CK Cancer montage photos.

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