Animated 3D Man of Steel Logo

I created this Man of Steel logo “trailer” using Adobe After Effects and a plug-in from Video Copilot called Element 3D. I did not have to import a 3D object – I was able to create the logo using four mask path 3D groups combined into a single object directly in Element 3D. I also turned on ambient occlusion for the shadows on the object itself (I used a copy of the E3D layer for the external shadow), motion blur for the faster animation, and depth of field for the closer shots. The text was also rendered using Element 3D. I also used six Optical Flares (another Video Copilot plug-in) and two light layers.

This Man of Steel Metropolis 3D animation was also made with Video Copilot’s Element 3D and the Metropolitan building pack.

I also made an earlier version without the 3D logo using the same music and text from the official teaser trailer.

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