Arrow Jedi: Episode CCCIII

The follow-up to my first Arrow Jedi video. This one is a lightsaber duel between Thea Queen and Malcolm Merlyn from the ‘Corto Maltese’ Arrow Season 3 episode. See if you can spot or hear some Star Wars easter eggs.

The DC Universe (20th Century Fox) logo was done in Blender using Ballyweg’s template.

The WhaBam (LucasFilm) logo was made in Illustrator and After Effects with Video Copilot’s Element 3D and Optical Flares.

The title crawl was made in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. The Earth and was created using Element 3D.

The lightsabers were made from Video Copilot’s free plug-in. The Naboo ship and R2-D2 were rendered in Element 3D.

Here are bonus images of Stephen Amell as a Jedi:

Arrow Jedi Arrow Jedi 2

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