Arrow Jedi: Episode CDV

I’ve come out of retirement to make another Arrow Jedi video. This time around, I wanted to showcase “Jedi Master” John Constantine with his unique purple lightsaber and the debut of Oliver’s lightsaber arrows. As always, there are plenty of Star Wars easter eggs.

 Visual Effects

Most of the visual effects layered onto the original video were created using Adobe After Effects. The WhaBam (LucasFilm) logo was made in Illustrator and After Effects with Video Copilot’s Element 3D and Optical Flares. The title crawl was made in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. The lightsabers were made from Video Copilot’s free plug-in. Constantine’s hand flames were created with Trapcode Particular and Form. I also used some turbulent displacement and radial blur to add flames to Constantine’s lightsaber.
3D Lightsaber

Motion Tracking

Purple Flames

Sound Design

Adobe Audition was used to create the soundtrack. I extracted the center channel (dialogue and sound effects) from the source video and added music. I also added the lightsaber sounds, other Star Wars sound effects, and the infamous Wilhelm Scream.
Sound Design

3D Rendering

The Naboo royal starship, spinning lightsaber, carbonite block, and the end title card were rendered inside Adobe After Effects using Element 3D. I make a cameo in this video – the carbonite block’s _person_ is a 3D version of me created with Autodesk 123D Catch (see Frozen in Carbonite).
Title Card


Image Gallery

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