Arrow Jedi: Episode CCXIX

After seeing this fight sequence in Episode 219 of “Arrow”, I thought it would look pretty nifty as a lightsaber duel. So here it is! Lots of other Star Wars references (blasters, mouse droids, Ewoks, and even an appearance from a famous droid at the end).

The DC Universe (20th Century Fox) logo was done in Blender using Ballyweg’s template.

The WhaBam (LucasFilm) logo was made in Illustrator and After Effects with Video Copilot’s Element 3D and Optical Flares.

The title crawl was made in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. The Earth and sun were created using Element 3D and Optical Flares.

The lightsabers were made from Video Copilot’s free plug-in. I added some color highlights in some scenes and used Optical Flares as well.


The mouse droid is a 3D model rendered in Element 3D and R2D2 was rendered in Cinema 4D Lite and composited into the scene. The R2D2 3DS model is by Jose Luis Martin Romero and the Mouse Droid 3DS model is by Bertrand  Dejardin (BOBABERT).


I also replaced the sound with Star Wars music and various sound effects, including the infamous Wilhelm Scream.


The video was shared by Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Arrow) on his Facebook page, and by James Bamford (Arrow stunt coordinator and the choreographer for the fight scene) and Caity Lotz (Sara Lance/Black Canary) on Twitter.

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