Behind German Lines Book Cover Design

Behind German Lines Book CoverMy good friend Ronn Munsterman just published his next novel and it’s now on available on Amazon.  I was fortunate enough to get to pre-read the book (it’s very good!) and Ronn even asked me to do the cover design. The book is available on Amazon as a paperback and for the Kindle.

Here’s the details for the novel:

Sgt. Tom Dunn and his special mission squad of lethal U.S. Army Rangers are back in France fighting the Nazis.
Behind German Lines begins in July 1943, when the Nazis unleash a new battlefield weapon near Kursk, Russia, during the greatest tank battle in history. The weapon’s catastrophic and unexpected side-effects force the scientists back to the drawing board.
Picking up just eight days after Operation Devil’s Fire ends in late June 1944, we find Dunn and his men parachuting into the Cotentin Peninsula fifty miles west of Normandy Beach on another special strike mission whose outcome could affect the Allies’ attempt to finally breakout of Normandy’s bocage country.
Meanwhile, since the Allies have learned the hard way that the Nazi’s concrete submarine pens are bomb-proof, Sgt. Malcolm Saunders and his rugged British Commandos are on their way by submarine across the North Sea to attack the pens at Wilhelmshaven, Germany. What Saunders finds leads his squad and him into a deadly confrontation with a dangerous enemy who has terrible plans for the United States.
After Dunn and his squad return to France on another Top Secret mission, they discover a Nazi plot to use the new and improved battlefield weapon near Caen, right on the front line! With the fate of the western front unexpectedly and terrifyingly in his hands, Dunn and his men race across occupied France to stop the Germans.
With his usual page-turner pace, Munsterman takes the reader onto the battlefields of Russia, France, and Germany, showing life and death, and victory and defeat during World War II.


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