Gotham Fan Made Trailer

FOX recently sponsored a Gotham Fan Made Trailer contest asking fans to submit videos for one of their trailers. I submitted two videos – one with a chalkboard style effect and one with a comic book style effect. Six of my animated sequences made it into the final fan trailer – four chalkboard effect title cards (DC Logo, “On September 22”, “And the Battle for Gotham Begins”, and FOX logo) and two comic book effects (Gordon running across rooftop and the first 4 quick profile sequences near the end). My animation will be on prime time network TV on September 11 on FOX during Sleepy Hollow.

The chalkboard style video was my first entry. For the chalkboard effect, I used Adobe After Effects. I converted the source video to 12 fps to attain the jerky movement. I rotoscoped the actors from many of the scenes, set to black and white, adjusted brightness/contrast, and then applied the Red Giant Universe ToonIt Outlines effect. I used a second copy with a blur and opacity with a time lag for the ghosting. For the text, I used the stroke and scribble effects. I then used various masks to simulate the erasing transitions. For the final composition, I applied some noise filter to the overall video to help simulate the chalk texture and added the chalkboard background.

The comic book style video was my second entry. For this one, I used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. I first created 11 different comic book pages with different panel layouts in Illustrator. I built the text and comic book elements in Photoshop. I imported these into After Effects and added the video clips and still images into the panels. I animated each page, text, and comic book elements and used the CC Page Turn transition between the pages. I then applied the Red Giant Universe ToonIt Cartoon effect over the final composition.

Here are the full size images of the 11 comic book pages.

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