Lego Man of Steel Scenes

The boys were playing with their Lego sets yesterday, so I thought I’d join them. I also just saw that Lego has a DC Universe Superheros site that allows fans to post photos of the Man of Steel mini figure in action, so I decided to join in on the fun.

The first scene I created mimics the promotional image of Superman in Smallville in front of the building with the American flag. The boys and I visited Plano, IL last year (the town that doubled as Smallville in the movie) and I took the photo that is shown behind the Man of Steel mini figure. I had to crop it a bit to hide the dumpster that was there instead of the 7-11 sign from the movie.

Lego Man of Steel - Smallville    Man of Steel - Smallville

The next scene is from the movie trailer and near the end of the movie. Kal-El is in Metropolis Central Station and is very upset (for those who have seen the movie, you should know why). Again, the photo behind the mini figure was taken by me during the filming at Chicago Union Station back in 2011. Notice the clock is set to the same time in both photos.

Lego Man of Steel - Metropolis Central Station   Man of Steel - Metropolis Central Station

The last scene was also in one of the movie trailers and depicts a dream sequence where Superman is being engulfed in a pile of human skulls. Oddly enough, the boys had more than enough Lego skulls to replicate the scene. I had to color correct the mini figures suit to make it black and gray and I added some dust elements as well.

Lego Man of Steel - Dream Sequence   Man of Steel - Dream Sequence

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