Frozen in Carbonite

I’ve been trying out Autodesk’s free 3D software 123D Catch, so I thought I’d use it to create a 3D model of myself and then freeze myself in carbonite. I plan to clean up the 3D model, but this turned out better than I was expecting. Even the kids thought it was cool. Unfortunately, they were way too wiggly to capture a decent 3D model of them.

I’ve included a few different views before I applied the final render textures.

New Home Movie Coming Soon

We are finally ready to begin filming our second home movie – “Space Police and the Eye Monsters from the Planet Zenon.” It will have a 50’s style sci-fi look and should be a lot of fun. I recently got a green screen and some better editing / special effects software and we’ve built the models and sets already. Stay tuned an enjoy last season’s movie “Indiana Jones and the Blood Red Stone.”